Standing Committees:  
Jurisprudence C. McCollum, B. Bellmore, R. Travis
Necrology E. Varjabedian, W. Weisert, B. Bellmore, J. Krusienski
Patriotic Activities G. Mudry, K. Roach, S. Chiapallone
By-Laws E. Page, G. Mudry, R. Allen
Finance C. Nelson, W. Passera, V. Cowie, E. Ham
Insurance V. Cowie, R. Fitzgerald, S. Sherrick
Educational Foundation W. Miller, C. O'Neill, S. Drost, W. Mackey, R. Travis
KT Eye Foundation E. Page, H. Elwell, S. Chiapallone
Kluntz BBS L. Cowie, CoT
Religious Activities E. Varjabedian, W. Weisert, B. Bellmore, J. Krusienski, J. Stevens
Membership F. Way, R. Allen, M. Sabia, A. Pedro, M. Messner, L. Gaudioso, G. Messier
Dispensations & Charters H. Elwell, R. Stevens, W. Mackey
Monuments & Memorials M. Ede
Tactics F. Way, G. Mudry, H. Elwell
Triennial W. Passera, E. Page, F. Way
Future Conclaves C. Nelson, W. Passera, E. Page, V. Cowie
Hospitality C. Jewart
Registration & AdminW. Miller
Special Committees: 
NominationsC. O'Neill, P. Chello, W. Miller
Holy LandW. Miller, C. Kayser, E. Varjabedian
CommunicationsC. O'Neill, McNeely, G. Mudry, V. Cowie
York Rite CoordinationC. Nelson, W. Passera, E. Page
Conclave Committees: 
Apportionment W. Miller, P. Chello, V. Cowie
Credentials A. Grot, C. Weiss, G. Messner
Unfinished BusinessM. Seamon, C. Nelson, W. Passera

First Person Named Represents the Chairman of the Committee